Things to Consider Before Taking an Online Classes

Technological innovation, a hallmark of academic research, is changing the old learning methods. Distance learning and online programs have gained a firm foothold in academic institutions all over the world.Therefore, it comes no surprise when we see a source from Statista that 49% of students worldwide had taken an online course in the preceding 12 months.

Online learning is ideal for learning new skills that are inexpensive, flexible, and generally of good quality. It gives opportunities for personal interaction, presentation skills, and teamwork. Every coin has two sides and definitely, it’s the case with online classes too and it highly depends on the individual which side they are going to explore.

So before investing precious time and money into it one should check the following key points to consider before enrolling in any online educational course:-

  • Availability of Videos

Consistency is the basic requirement for student’s efficient learning. Therefore, classes should be held regularly in a stipulated time. Sometimes it happens that a student is unable to attend the class due to some reasons. So the videos must be available to watch at a later time. The student should check whether the institute provides this facility for the convenience of students. ProEdge Online Classes is one such platform which provides courses on CA, CS, and CMS and shares videos through social media platform to its learners, who can watch it according to their suitable time table.

  • Regular and Punctual

The course online classes should be held regularly at a punctual time table. There are various platforms who begin courses but procrastinate it. So, it is necessary to look at the past completion record of the platform. The source should be credible on which a student can rely to invest their time. ProEdge Online Classes is one of the online learning platforms which conduct classes regularly, have good completion records, and complete the syllabus well before the examination. So punctuality and regularity are two necessary things to look up to before joining any course.

  • User Friendly

Being a consumer, you must look for what the platform provides to their students. It is very crucial to check their apps or website thoroughly before investing into something. It can be no complexity while using the platform or in terms of demo classes, assignments, practicability, creativity used to explain any concept. 

  • Prior Knowledge and Qualification

It is important to know whether the person teaching in an online class has any formal knowledge and related qualification of the tutor. Various fields need proper formal training and conceptual clarity in the subject which is highly required for courses of CA, CS, CMA, etc. In ProEdge online learning platform, we have subject matter experts and well experienced faculties who will guide you throughout your journey of becoming CA, CS, CMA. Any of these courses require complete expertise as they are fundamentally very technical in nature. On the other hand, online classes on Algebra can be taught by anyone who has a strong grip and interest in it, be a graduate, professional, or even secondary high school pass out.

  • Past Experience

   In online class it can be possible that a very excellent professor may not be very good at delivering lectures through an online platform. A good teacher should be welcoming of technology and use his/ her creativity to conduct online classes. Online classes provide a range of options to the tutor to use various media like pictures, videos, graphics, and diagrams to prepare content for the students. A person with sufficient experience in taking online classes will be able to use such options in a better way and thereby make the session more interactive and interesting for the learners.

  • Transparency

A good communicator conveys a message in a simple layman language, which is easy for a common person to understand, solve questions on the topic and explain previous year questions of exams like government exams, entrance exams and other competitive exams. A good tutor should not deviate from the topic and the options of doubt classes, accessibility of lectures any time, refunds, valid certificates etc, should be checked beforehand. 

  • Precise and Informative

It has been scientifically proven that a person’s efficiency decreases with long stretch hours of doing a single task. Lengthy classes are very monotonous and uninteresting for a student. Students preparing for tough exams like CA, CMA, CS, UPSC, etc. need rigorous preparation and concentration as they count every single second and consequently, time management is the most important aspect of preparation. Hence, short videos that cover all the corner points are highly preferred by students.

  • Variety of Programs and Courses

Students have a lot of options to choose from online educational programs but to find the best one is a bit difficult. Here comes ProEdge Online Classes as a solution for learners who want to pursue their dream to be CA, CMA, and CS, that too at one platform which definitely is very convenient especially for beginners who are somehow confused which option to choose. Now they can decide easily through free demo classes, detailed analysis of syllabus and crystal clear notes provided by faculty makes the task easy and preparation convenient which used to be a cumbersome process in traditional learning.

Today’s online learning opportunities offer everything from one-hour live workshops to online degrees. There is virtually something for everyone, all you have to do is find one which suits you best.

However, learning online is different from learning in a face-to-face setting, and it is important to think about your goals, your needs and your interests before committing yourself to something, your comfort level with using technology and the equipment that is at your disposal. As we all become more familiar with technology, online learning will continue to open doors and offer learning opportunities for those who are interested.

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