How to prepare for Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills for CSEET Exam?

Company Secretaries are in charge of all the internal affairs of a company. People in this field are competent and well-qualified with skills. CS is a highly respected position for those who want to make a big name in the corporate world. It is a rapidly growing field that provides marvellous opportunities, as well as excellent pay.

To become a CS, candidates have to go through three stages. СSEET is first and mаndаtоry stage fоr аll the саndidаtes tо register fоr the next stage, that is, СS Exeсutive Рrоgrаmme. The syllаbus оf СSEET shаll соmрrise оf fоur рарers. In our previous articles, we have highlighted the paper-wise preparation strategies of the CSEET Examination. Today we will discuss a preparation strategy for Paper 4- Current Affairs, Communication and Presentation Skills (Viva Voce).

1. Understanding of Paper 4

To clear a paper, candidates must understand its objective, syllabus, paper pattern, questions, total marks, etc. For this purpose, we have provided all the mandatory details concerning Paper 4.

(a) The objective of Paper-4 is to evaluate the awareness of current national and global issues. Also, to assess the listening and writing skills of the candidates.

(b) Total Marks – 50 Marks

(c) Paper is, split into two parts:

(i) Part A- Current Affairs (20 Marks)

(ii)Part B- Presentation & Communication Skills (Viva Voce) (30 Marks)

(d) Candidates can check the detailed syllabus of this paper in the table below-


Sub topics

Part A - Current Affairs (20 Marks)

  • Current Affairs 

Current affairs of national and international importance relating to-

International bodies (ASEAN, BRICS, SAARC, G-20, 

BIMSTEC, etc.)

Organizations like, RBI, NABARD, CCI, IBBI, IMF, 

OECD, ADB, World Bank, etc.

Summits and conferences

Current development in Banking and Finance 

(digital banking, govt. initiatives, financial 

inclusion, etc.)

Current development in stock markets

Recent important judgments passed by Supreme Court and High Courts of India, Tribunals

Current affairs related to CS Institute/Profession 

and regulatory bodies

Current updates on environment, bio-diversity, 

climate change and sustainable development

Latest developments in science and technology, 

IT, Computers and Space science

Business personalities and leaders

Committees and appointments

Art and culture

Books and their authors

Awards and honours


Current political scenario

Initiatives/ schemes of the government

Language and national symbols

Governance and ethics

International diplomacy

Part B- Presentation and Communication Skills (Viva Voce) (30 Marks)

  • Listening Skills

Questions based on audio clips

  • Monologue

  • Dialogue

Grammar Test

Vocabulary Test

  • Written Communication Skills

Writing on a given topic

Correcting a given paragraph

Short Note writing

Essay writing

Precis writing

  • Oral Communication Skills 

Candidates are expected to-

  • Answer a question

  • Speak on a given topic

  • Explain the given term

2. Current Affairs

Current Affairs is the highest scoring category in any of the competitive tests. So candidates who want to do well in their exams should focus on this section carefully. It plays a crucial role in cracking the test, but this can only happen if students are regularly updated with the latest national and international developments. 

  • Learners should continue developing themselves through continuous economic dailies, newspapers, business journals, magazines, etc. 
  • Aspirants can learn using the CSEET e-bulletin and other updates that broadcast frequently. 
  • Aspirants are expected to be well versed in all significant happening headlines around the globe like important dates and events, economic and financial affairs, appointments, conferences, awards and achievements, sports news, art and culture, legal issues, international relations, science, and technology, etc.

3. Viva Voce 

Paper 4 has a Viva Voca of 30 marks. Currently, Viva Voice is somewhat similar to the practical tests at Classes Xth/XIIth Board Examinations. 

  • Viva Voice’s aims are testing up-and-comer interaction skills. A CS needs to talk to corporate partners, government/management organizations, stock trading, etc, and without good interaction skills, it can be difficult for a CS to convey ideas properly.
  • The best way to practice for Viva Voice is in front of the mirror by talking about fundamental topics like Myself, About the Indian economy in general, About your goals in life, etc. It will help to overcome the fear of speaking and improve your communication skills.

4. Well planned schedule

To qualify for this paper, candidates need to have a suitable schedule. It is suggested, an appropriate time must be given for separate sections of this paper according to preferences and after checking the difficulty levels.

5. Make notes

Learning/Remembering current affairs can be a long and tedious task. But, the key to making it easy is by creating notes in your own words. After that, it will be much easier. Making notes is one of the best ways to prepare for any competitive exams. Self-made notes are easy to understand and help with faster and better updates.

6. Revisions and daily tests

Revisions are required to achieve success in any test. A fact, you only remember 20% of what you read after 24 hours, so a quick review is needed. One has to take daily tests, which are very helpful for anyone to do their critical analyses. Therefore, there is no room for procrastination if you need to avoid last-minute panic attacks.

The abovementioned points are not an exhaustive guide but enough to score decent marks and do remember hard work pays off.

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