How to crack the CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam?

To clear any exam, we need to be aware about how to prepare for it and what strategies to adopt to achieve success in it.

CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) is one of the most important examinations for any CA aspirant and so a lot of people have a misconception that it is a very tough exam to crack.

Rather than dwelling on whether it is easy or difficult, what CA aspirants should pay attention to is how to devise a plan or study strategy which will help them clear this exam with success.

A lot of students put a lot of effort in preparing for CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam but are not able to clear this exam.

Do you know why?

Because they don't apply their efforts with the right strategy and in the right direction or they miss planning before they start studying.

So, let us move towards the techniques that you should keep in mind to crack the CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam.

 ●  Familiarity with the exam

Before appearing for any exam, the first thing that you need to do is to be familiar with the syllabus, exam pattern, previous papers. There should be complete clarity in your mind as to the key topics, important areas and the subject marks patters associated with the CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam. The more clearly one understands the syllabus and exam pattern, the easier will it be to strategize preparation.

 ●  Schedule for success

Prepare a study plan according to yourself your study pattern. Most people who prepare a study plan do not follow the routine consistently and give in to the daily distractions. It is important to follow the study routine without fail as there is no victory without discipline.

 ●  Quality matters and not quantity

You should take adequate time to grasp any subject thoroughly. Do not cram the concepts but concentrate on concept clarity because if your concepts are clear, you will be able to solve any question which will come your way. Make small notes in your own words for quick revision, and it will help you in your time management while preparing as well.

 ●  Study material

The ICAI institute updates their study material very frequently and that too after extensive research. So, you need to ensure that you go through the study material of the ICAI institute for CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam thoroughly before going through the study material of your coaching institute.

 ●  Daily study

If you wish to succeed in the CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam, then from the beginning itself, you should study every day and prepare for all the subjects whether it is theory or practical. To achieve success, you must study daily. You ought to devote your time to the areas that may be lagging in, and daily studies will enable you to understand those areas. So as long as you are focused, dedicated, and willing to do hard work, success will be with you soon.

 ●  Review Previous Study

Make a habit of revising everything that you have studied throughout the week on the weekend. Put that into a structured format and review the plan periodically keeping in mind the comfort and efficiency you have got in the subject. You can know your weaknesses and strengths. If you do not revise, then you may get confused later and forget the earlier chapters. So, you need to revise the topics to ensure higher retention of what you have studied.

 ●  Set Small Targets

As the saying goes “Big journey starts with small steps”. Small target means that you do not need to study for CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam in one go or one month itself. You need to set small targets and complete them within the planned time duration. So set a goal. For example - 5 chapters to be completed in the first month, revision, and the subsequent five chapters in the next month, and then revise and so on.

 ●  Do not waste time on irrelevant things

Time is that the most precious entity in your hand. So, ensure that you should not waste even a second of it on useless things. Keep the weightage of the topics in CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) exam in your mind when you spend time on the subject and various topics. But ensure that you do not treat a topic with lesser weightage as irrelevant and skip it. That topic can be straightforward and may fetch you easy marks. So you need to be wise and plan as per your strengths and focus keeping in mind the exam pattern.

 ●  Good writing skills

In the CA Intermediate (earlier CA IPCC) examination, you have to write, and hence you have to be clear in conveying your message. Practice how to write answers perfectly, precisely, and coherently. Attempt to compress your thoughts into the shortest sentences possible. It might provide you with a grip in remembering things, and in the exam, you will be able to write without any strain if you have already practiced for it.

 ●  Coaching

Although coaching is not mandatory, an educator provides a course of action that students do not always succeed at doing on their own. So the selection of coaching that may hold your hand throughout your journey and supply you best notes, mock tests, assessments, etc is of extreme importance. To avoid wasting time, online coaching like ProEdge Online Classes is the best choice. The right coaching can lead you to success easily without hassle.

 ●  Constant evaluation

One has to evaluate themselves throughout the study period. A chapter-wise test series or assessment of every subject is of utmost importance to understand your strong and weak areas. Mock tests are an excellent option because solving papers in the exam simulated environment, critically analysing, and learning from the errors done can prepare you to be exam ready.

 ●  Do not lose hope

Ideally, everyone wants to clear the examination in the first go. But unfortunately, if things do not go according to the plan, don't lose hope because hard work and dedication always prove valuable regardless of what phase of life you're in. You may triumph in the end. So have positive thoughts which will facilitate you to be motivated mentally.

Remember, nothing comes easy on a silver platter. If you work hard and stay committed, you will crack it. So have faith in yourself and keep going without any second thoughts.

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