How to crack the CA Foundation exam?

Commerce as a stream provides the key to success in the corporate world. A well versed Commerce professional has lot of career opportunities. Commerce stream provides the students with deep knowledge about the economy, financial industry and the markets etc. It offers a lot of valuable professional courses that guarantee success in the corporate world. 

Chartered Accountant is one such well reputed professional course offered in this stream. It has a lot of career opportunities. 

To become a CA, you have to go through three levels -




Before going to the part 'How to Prepare for CA FOUNDATION?', it is essential to know about the pattern and the syllabus of the CA Foundation examination.

CA Foundation is an examination conducted two times a year. 

How and when to register for the CA FOUNDATION exam?

●  Enrol for CA Foundation Course after passing 10th class 

●  Register for CA Foundation Course online by filling Registration Form available on the ICAI website (

●  Appear in CA Foundation Exam after appearing in the Senior Secondary Examination (10+2 exam)

●  Post passing the CA Foundation exam, one can join the CA Intermediate Course after passing class 12th and Foundation Examination.

Detailed syllabus of CA Foundation

CA Foundation syllabus is divided into four parts -

Paper 1: Principles and Practice of Accounting (100 Marks)

Paper 2: Business Laws & Business Correspondence and Reporting

 ●  Section A: Business Laws (60 Marks)

 ●  Section B: Business Correspondence and Reporting (40 Marks)

Paper 3: Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics 

 ●  Part A: Business Mathematics (40 Marks)

 ●  Part B: Logical Reasoning (20 Marks)

 ●  Part C: Statistics (40 Marks)

Paper 4: Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge 

 ●  Part I: Business Economics (60 Marks)

 ●  Part II: Business and Commercial Knowledge (40 Marks)

Criteria for passing CA Foundation exam:

A student is said to pass the CA Foundation exam if he/she obtains at least 40% marks on each paper and a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate of the total score.

Now the main question comes as to how to crack this essential exam? 

There are few things one must follow before starting the preparation for the Foundation exam. These are -

●  Dedication and positive attitude towards the course

●  Time factor - your early start will make you arrive early at your destination. So start preparation beforehand and utilize your time accordingly.

●  Coaching - select your coaching institute wisely. These days there are many prominent coaching institutes providing online classes with CA qualified teachers and that too at an affordable cost, but you ought to enrol in the best that will give you a guidance to success like ProEdge Online Classes.

Few more things to be kept in mind while preparing for the FOUNDATION exam are -

●  Learn and pay attention during the class

Understanding and learning the concepts is the first step towards preparation. The key point is to understand the basic concepts of each topic. You need to be very attentive during the classes. 

●  Practice

The practice is the most necessary part of your preparation and you should do it with 100% focus. Once you have completed your revision, take mock tests that will highlight and help you to cover your weak areas properly. ProEdge conducts regular mock tests that help to prepare for the exam.

●  Revisions and daily tests

Revision is a must to achieve to success in any exam. It is said that you remember only 20% of what you read after 24 hours, so multiple quick revisions are necessary. One must take daily tests, which are beneficial for anyone to do their own evaluation because these daily tests are conducted based on whatever has been taught on the previous day. So, there is no space for procrastination if you want to avoid last-minute panic.

The above-mentioned points are general in nature and should be kept in mind while doing the preparation but we tend to forget these basic things sometimes.  There is a myth that the CA Foundation exam is very tough, but it is not tough for students who prepare for the exam with the right attitude. With dedication and hard work, anyone can crack this exam.

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