Doing CA, CS, CMA during pandemic times

The outbreak of the deadly virus has taken a toll across the globe. According to Statista, over more than 210 countries and their territories are suffering from the effects of COVID-19. In short, we can say there is not a single soul left who is not affected in one or other ways due to COVID-19 Pandemic. The massive hit that shook India to its core, caused by the second wave. Though the cases have been reduced now, and the government has given some relief over total lockdown with strict rules and regulations that everyone has to follow. 

Every sector of the country is hit massively due to the strenuous situation. The education sector has shown a ray of hope through its appreciable efforts by transforming itself completely from traditional educational methods to online education. But there are a certain, great number of students who are under immense stress due to the complete shut down of colleges, offline coachings, as they were preparing for professional courses or many were about to prepare for professional courses. We know that preparation for professional courses requires some expert guidance but, the Pandemic situation prevailing in our country has made it almost impossible for those students to get assistance for the professional courses.

Talking about professional courses and we ignore CA/CS/CMA courses is next to impossible. It is a depressing time, where students are depressed about the gaps and hindrances it caused in preparations. It is safe to say that CA/CS/CMA students are a bit relieved, as they do not have to strain about going to college or hampering studies. These courses are one of the reputed and professional courses, you can say these courses are distance learning courses in which you can prepare for these from your home with the help of expert guidance provided by ProEdge Online Classes.

Let's brief you about CA/CS/CMA courses and How to prepare during Pandemic times?

All the three courses are regulated by a regulatory body, namely-

  • CA- Institute of Chartered Accountant of India.

  • CS- Institute of Company Secretary of India.

  • CMA- Institute of Cost and Management Accountant of India.

The registration, for any level for all the three courses, can be done online through their official sites, mentioned below- 

  • CA official site-

  • CS official site-

  • CMA official site-

All the three courses have a three-level exam that a candidate must qualify to get their dream prefix-

Chartered Accountant (CA)

  • Level 1 - CA Foundation

  • Level 2 - CA Intermediate

  • Level 3 - CA Final

Company Secretary (CS)

  • Level 1 - CSEET

  • Level 2 - CS 

  • Level 3 - CS Professional

Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

  • Level 1 - CMA Foundation

  • Level 2 - CMA Intermediate

  • Level 3 - CMA Final

Minimum eligibility criteria to appear for the first level is-

  • CA Foundation - Must have qualified/appearing for Senior Secondary Examination (class 12th) or, its equivalent candidates can appear for the Foundation level.

  • CSEET - Must have qualified/appearing for Senior Secondary Examination (class 12th) or, its equivalent candidates can appear for this level.

  • CMA Foundation - Must have qualified/appearing for Senior Secondary Examination (class 12th) or, its equivalent candidates can appear for the Foundation level.

To prepare for professional courses like CA, CS, CMA courses, the first element is to keep yourself motivated and determined throughout the journey because the road ahead may not be easy and bumpy. So, be prepared for it beforehand. The second element is planning and hard work. These two will be the driving force that will lead you to taste the sweetness of success. 

If one is determined enough and planned right from the beginning for their study timetable to the number of revisions before examination with the help of short notes of own will assure success. So the mantra is, stick to your study plans, brush up strong points, and put extra focus on weak points.

Instead of fretting over the gloomy situation that the world is encountering now, have faith and belief, and spread positivity. As the adage says, it will pass soon!

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