Changing commerce landscape in pandemic times

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the whole scenario of every aspect of each individual's life and one of the most affected areas is the education system but here, affected means in both positive and negative contexts. The transition of educational setup from traditional to modern that is, from brick and mortar classroom to online education, is facing new challenges in every possible way.

Higher education in India has three major streams, namely, Science, Commerce, and Arts. Students need to choose for themselves which stream will be best for them to pursue. Also, we cannot deny that all the mentioned streams offer a myriad of career options to the candidates. But, one needs to be vigilant while choosing the stream. They must analyze their interest area, future goals, job opportunities, future demand, or requirements of that particular field, especially after COVID-19 chaos. Nowadays, students are more conscious and don't follow the crowd instead they go for courses that can ensure better work opportunities in the future. They understand a correct choice can take their career and future to new heights.

Amidst lockdown, where the education system has completely transformed online, streams like science, where there is a necessity for the lab in subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology have been affected. Though virtual labs are available, they may not be as effective as a traditional classroom. But, when we talk about the commerce stream, we cannot deny the unexpected rise of e-commerce and the shifting of business houses from traditional ways to online amidst lockdown. Also, the commerce stream doesn't require any extra facilities. It requires a versatile tutor and an understanding and skillful mind who loves numbers. The professional courses like CA, CS, CMA in the commerce stream, have more demand than supply and guarantee prestigious jobs.  Also, these professional courses are inexpensive comparatively, don't require attending college one can sit at their home and prepare for these courses with the help of ProEdge Online Coaching Classes. All these factors combinedly raise the demand for commerce courses, and the need for commerce education in India and across the globe has strengthened.

Today commerce education is a necessary factor for the development of business in the nation. Commerce stands on three main pillars, that is, Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies. Without knowledge of these three, it is impossible to run a business and gain profits out of it. Commerce education and success in this field are not limited to only individual growth and prosperity instead, it covers a wide area or, we can say whole nation especially, in the new era of globalization and amid lockdown. For economic growth, commerce education is a necessity. As the market and economy are growing, efficient professionals are needed who have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the business. Also, increasing job possibilities in banking, finance, trade, import-export, teaching, management, etc have encouraged students to put their faith in this stream. We can proudly claim that commerce education has emerged as necessary, and its demand is rising continuously, even at times of COVID 19.

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