CA, CS, CMA – Integrated Coaching with 11th and 12th – Winning Combination

After passing out from class 10th, millions of thoughts run in our minds regarding the wise choice of stream or profession. To set a goal, all you have to do is focus on your interest areas, set a goal on where you want to see yourself and start planning accordingly from your 11th class onwards. 

If we talk particularly about COMMERCE, it is a branch of any business that covers the financial and economical part of the legal, political, social, technological, and cultural system. 

Commerce presents multiple options like Bachelors and Masters degree in commerce, BBA, MBA, CA, CS, CMA, CFA, Actuarial Science, Data analyst, etc. 

In the competitive era, there is a dire need to choose a career that must be 

  • Economical
  • Guarantees success
  • Short span of time

The professional courses in commerce like – CA, CS, and CMA are amongst very few courses which fulfill all the three criteria above. These courses guarantee success at an economical cost within a short time.

CA, CS, CMA require a ton of hard work and many students fail to clear these courses due to a lack of focus and proper planning. To successfully clear these courses, you need to fold your sleeves and start preparation from the beginning from 11th and 12th – onwards with an appropriate strategy.

What’s the benefit of starting early?

Now the question comes – why start early in preparing for these courses? 

The answer is clear and easy. If you start early, you will reach your destination early. Some of the benefits of starting early are:-

Similarity of syllabus

  • If you start preparation from 11th class onwards, your overall efficiency will increase. The foundation which is set because of the similar subjects and concepts between these courses and the regular commerce course not only helps you in 11th and 12th exam, but also for competitions in future. Let’s figure out all the similar subjects across the professional courses and regular commerce syllabus.
  • CA Foundation course – syllabus has subjects like Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Business mathematics, and Business Statistics. Business Law is the only subject that is not included in the 11th and 12th standard syllabus.
  • CSEET – Economics and Business environment subjects are similar to the syllabus in regular commerce syllabus. Business Communication, Current Affairs, and Logical Reasoning topics are common in nature.
  • CMA Foundation – syllabus has Accounting, Economics, Business Mathematics and Statistics that are similar to the 11th and 12th standard syllabus. Business Law and Ethics are the only different subjects but these are not a very tough nut to crack.

Complementary nature of preparation

  • As we have seen, the syllabus across the regular syllabus and CA Foundation/ CSEET/ CS Foundation is largely common. So, the preparation is complementary. 
  • The regular syllabus in 11th and 12th class is inclined towards imparting theoretical knowledge and CS, CA, CMA give you practical knowledge and application orientation. This ensures that studying for both together provides you with an edge over others. 
  • Our Proedge Online Classes are geared in such a fashion that you can benefit and enhance your 11th and 12th class scores as well. 
  • We put lots of emphasis on in–depth assessments and tests. This becomes a very powerful tool not only in preparation for CA Foundation, CSEET and CMS Foundation but also for  11th and 12th class regular syllabus as well.

Cost friendly

  • Doing CA Foundation, CSEET and CMA Foundation preparation along with 11th and 12th class means you don’t need to join other coaching for different subjects as all core subjects (except languages) get covered in this preaparation itself, thereby saving a lot of money.


  • If you see science students, they are focused on their career right from 11th class as they start preparing for JEEs, NEET etc. So by starting early, they’re already set on their goals and working towards it. Similarly, in case of CS, CA and CMA, if you start preparing from 11th and 12th class, you can efficiently utilize a lot of free time available and can have a focused approach from the beginning towards these professional courses. 
  • ProEdge Online Classes want you to utilise your free time to prepare for these courses. And in return, you will get prepared not only for CA Foundation, CSEET or CMA Foundation but for 11th and 12th class as well.

Saving of time 

  • For CA Foundation, you can register after 10th class and for CSEET, you just need to register one month before exam. 
  • So CA foundation can be written by students just after writing 12th exam and CSEET & CMA foundation after 2 months of writing 12th exam. This saves a lot of time. 
  • On the contrary, if a person registers after 12th class for CA Foundation, it can waste 1 year of their precious time because preparation itself takes time and typically the average student ends up writing the exam next year in May or June. 
  • In this era where every minute counts, if students don’t start their preparation for professional courses like CA Foundation, CSEET or CMA Foundation along with 11th and 12th class, they can end up wasting their precious 5,25,600 minutes

Excellent Results 

In case, you still have any doubts regarding starting early, let me show you the below results of 12th students who pursued CA Foundation from ProEdge Online Classes along with their regular 11th  and 12th class:- 

  • 100% of students got 1st class in 12th class exam
  • 80% of students got distinctions in their 12th class exams
  • 8 of our students secured top 20 ranks in Karnataka Commerce State Board Exams.

Starting early gives you umpteen advantages. If time is used efficiently, then you can convert yourself into a successful professional. We all have different interests, motivations, and goals. So stay focused on your goal and adopt a smart approach for yourself!

You need to realize that we all have limited time and so believe in “it’s never too early” rather than “it’s never too late” and then for you, sky’s the limit!

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