9 behaviours that increase your value.

1.      Stick to your opinion.

If you have an opinion about something, don’t deter from it. Stand up for your stance.

2.    Be active.

Never stay low during group conversations. Be active and participate in discussions.

3.      Improve yourself.

Never stop improving yourself. Keep trying to improve your skills and capabilities.

4.      Stay updated

Always stay updates with the most recent trending news and information.

5.      Be kind

Always be kind to other people. Never fail to help others when they need you.

6.      Master new skills

The value of learning new skills is very high in today’s market. So, sign up for a new course that will help you learn one.

7.      Communicate

Don’t stop yourself from communicating with other people because unless you do so, you won’t know the progress you are making.

8.      Manage time

Learn to present your work within the given time frame. Being able to manage your work within the given time is very impressive.

9.      Reputation

Don’t give into the negative reputation. Learn to move past it because this will improve your endurance.

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